Pinkberry – Now in India

This was one launch party that had the right energies, in the right place, with the right people. To begin with, I’m glad this is one yogurt joint that has decided to not make it seem like just another yogurt take-out. Having taken up a spacious store space in the heart of Bandra at Pali Naka, Pinkberry welcomed the invited guests with open arms on the day it launched (2nd July, 2013).
For those of you who aren’t aware, Pinkberry is the world’s leading yogurt retailer and has expanded into India, its 19th global market, with the opening of three stores in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai on the very same day.
Here is the menu we got to check out at the launch:

A torrid affair began between my palate and the salted caramel flavoured yogurt (with brownie crumbs’ topping) when I took my first bite. Up close second was the green apple flavoured yogurt with fresh cut kiwis that totally got me all excited just because it was a fresh change from the usual ‘sweet’ flavoured yogurts. If you like a tangy tinge of flavour on your taste buds, the pomegranate yogurt is for you. Mix and match with the varied number of toppings and I’m sure you’ll find your perfect combination.

The chocolate flavoured yogurt is great for someone who isn’t experimental and likes to play safe. Amazing to taste, but then you can’t really go wrong with chocolate right?
Salted Caramel
Mango flavoured yogurts have always been disappointing experiences in my recent past so I chose to avoid it. But I did make it a point to try out the ‘original’ version that Pinkberry has to offer because it’s good to know how your yogurt tastes sans any flavour. What can I say? I loved it… specially when I went berserk (but definitely not adventurous) with the choice of toppings. Fresh mangoes, red velvet crumbs, brownie crumbs, fresh kiwis, chocolate chips… you name it, and I tasted it.
As much as I may not really be that wacky with my choice of toppings, brace yourself because believe it or not, you have the choice of combining your yogurt (only if it’s your thing) with the likes of dhoklas, spicy cucumber and chivda (aka. namkeen/mixtures/chevda) and more, with Pinkberry’s wide selection of *unique* toppings.
PS: I did not have the courage to try THESE toppings.
Ron Graves, Pinkberry CEO, says, “We’re excited to introduce Pinkberry’s high quality, unique and original yogurt experiences to India and we couldn’t have picked a better partner than JSM Corp who are equally passionate about bringing the goodness of fresh and frozen yogurt to their community and singularly focused on exceeding our customer expectations every day.”
Jay Singh, the co-founder of JSM Corporation Pvt Ltd said, “We are very excited to introduce Pinkberry to the Indian market. With our combined understanding of the traditional value of yogurt in India, we hope to encourage the experience of a complete yogurt meal. We are confident the premium experience and the refreshing light frozen yogurt will soon become a part of everyday life, much like that of Pinkberry lovers across the world.”
Pinkberry and JSM Corporation worked together to authentically create the menu as per the region, with locally relevant flavours, recipes and toppings.
The menu in India includes: 
  • Frozen yogurt with a localized Green Apple flavour among the six offered.
  • Toppings specific to the region include fresh diced chikoo, poppy chikki, mint and tamarind chutney and chopped dates.
  • New lassis made with yogurt that are refreshing and not too sweet in local flavours like chikoo and mango.
  • Fresh yogurt bowls that are topped with local favorites – like Dhokla and Khatta Meetha.


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