How Farhan Akhtar became Milkha Singh… | The August Series

AUGUST 4, 2013
Inspiration for the Day!

I’m sure all of you have watched the epic movie and been singing praises ever since, about Farhan Akhtar’s performance. Being the movie buff I am, I watched ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ the very same weekend it was released. Absolutely awestruck,  I got down to researching further about the legend himself, the making of the film and whatever other information I came across, that fed my inspiration-hungry mind.

Before I knew it, I came across this video on youtube (boy was I glad!) and couldn’t believe the unimaginable amount of hard work Farhan Akhtar had put in to achieve the athletic body he’s sporting in the film. The focus with which he prepared himself, the dedication and determination with which he managed to convince us all that he could portray and glorify the legend, Milkha Singh aka “The Flying Sikh” in his truest form and nature is commendable.

This is one video I keep coming back to every time I feel terribly disheartened or think I’m almost going to quit on something I want to achieve and am working towards.

Hats off to Farhan Akhtar and the entire team of ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’!

The August series would be incomplete without the posting of this super inspirational video.
Enjoy and be elevated! 🙂

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