Pronto, Bandra

They serve and deliver the Italian version of fast food at a price like no other. “Pronto” which means “ready / set / quick / alert” is a chain of  casual cafes spread across the city of Mumbai. With prompt service and a homely environment, Pronto is the ideal neighbourhood café that’s a welcome change to those who like a breather from the typical fancy dining experience yet indulge in a similar fare at a very affordable price!
Here’s my account of a fun evening at Pronto with a dear friend, a super friendly PR person and a whole lot of *good* food! 🙂

spinach, leek and celery soup broth

The evening began well as the soup we were presented with was perfectly delicious! The Spinach, Leek and Celery Soup immediately fell into my ‘Highly Recommended’ List for both, the vegetarians as well as the non vegetarians in the city. Rich in flavour with perfect consistency this one’s got it all.

crostini with chicken

Up next was the sumptuous bites of crostini with olives, chicken, oregano and cheese. Such a great alternative to the regular garlic bread which also by the way is very good. The crostini is wholesome with enough amount of toppings to make it a worthwhile order!

cous cous with chicken and mushroom

We noticed an interesting selection of “Today’s Special” on the blackboard across the counter and decided to try it out one of them, since it isn’t on the regular menu. Although not a fan of cous cous, this one made me feel otherwise… The warm cous cous with chicken and mushroom is almost like something you’d want to categorise under ‘comfort food’. Light on the stomach and being flavourful at its best, we loved this preparation!

pollo cacciatore

With a wide range of categories on the menu, we had a hard time deciding on what to hit and what to miss. The pasta we had – Pollo Cacciatore is an unusual preparation with rich, medium spiced brown sauce and fresh chunks of chicken along with tossed bell peppers… Almost felt like a distant but distinctive cousin of the classic arrabiata sauce. I decided to put this into the review specifically because you won’t find it on their menu and ordering it off the record will be a good idea!

best ever supreme

The Best Ever Supreme pizza… and it did live up to its name! With grilled chicken, roast beef, pork salami, caramelized onions and grilled peppers; this one’s a stunner of a pizza. We liked ours with a medium crust and it was ideal for the amount of toppings and innumerable meaty flavours. One can make a feisty meal out of this pizza.

pronto’s grilled kingfish
The “Main Course” has a varied selection of plated meals but since we hadn’t tasted anything in seafood, we went ahead and check out Pronto’s Grilled Kingfish – a mellow preparation with some beautifully flavoured white lemon sauce. One of my favourites of the evening, the fish was perfectly cooked and the sauce only added to the delightful taste. If you are a fish person, then this one’s bound to be a great option!

chocolate brownie devastation

Yes, after all of the above, we sinned some more and concluded with this toothsome dessert! The Chocolate Brownie Devastation looks like a visual cyclone with chocolate brownie and cream swirling they’re way into a set maze. The walnuts only add to the crunch factor so that’s good for those who like nuts in general.

Unlike most quick-service restaurants where food is pre-made, pre-packaged and often pre-cooked, dishes at Pronto are made to order so that its patrons are able to enjoy fresh and healthy value meals.
All in all, I have to say it was a great evening with not just great food but also great company. I suggest you pay a visit or get something delivered if you haven’t already because I genuinely believe Pronto has a great selection of both, Italian as well as a Continental delights that won’t burn a hole through your pocket and give you the best it has to offer in terms of quality and quantity.

You’ll find four cafés in the city: Hill Road, Bandra (W), Churchgate, Tardeo and the recently opened outlet at Kamala Mills, Lower Parel.


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