An ode to McDonald’s coffee

Echoes my sentiments and how… Beautifully expressed!

Edible Indulgence

Yes, I am going to sing praises of the coffees served at McCafe outlets, across India.

A small preface will come in handy. I am a fairly new coffee convert—the credit has to go to my previous employer. His single-minded dedication to coffee may seem obsessive but thanks to his ‘obsession’ the honest-to-god start-up with six to seven employees, all knew how to brew a good cuppa; steamed milk foam, et al.

With this new found knowledge and skill it was obvious that I would want to pass judgement on the coffee chains. From now shut Gloria Jeans to ubiquitous home-grown Cafe Coffee Day, all have been tasted and meticulous mental notes made. Imagine my surprise when McCafe coffee shined brighter than them all! Even than the latest Tata joint venture better known as Starbucks.

I do have to confess McDonald’s and now McCafe is a pit-stop on highways; it…

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