My Stay At The Grand Mercure Vadodara Surya Palace | #TGLPinVadodara

Hello Potpourriers, It’s been a while and I am so glad to be back with a new blog post. I recently visited Vadodara, a place I had never been to until now… when I was invited to check out the new Grand Mercure property. Previously known as Surya Palace, it is now officially known as …

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An ode to McDonald’s coffee

Echoes my sentiments and how… Beautifully expressed!

Edible Indulgence

Yes, I am going to sing praises of the coffees served at McCafe outlets, across India.

A small preface will come in handy. I am a fairly new coffee convert—the credit has to go to my previous employer. His single-minded dedication to coffee may seem obsessive but thanks to his ‘obsession’ the honest-to-god start-up with six to seven employees, all knew how to brew a good cuppa; steamed milk foam, et al.

With this new found knowledge and skill it was obvious that I would want to pass judgement on the coffee chains. From now shut Gloria Jeans to ubiquitous home-grown Cafe Coffee Day, all have been tasted and meticulous mental notes made. Imagine my surprise when McCafe coffee shined brighter than them all! Even than the latest Tata joint venture better known as Starbucks.

I do have to confess McDonald’s and now McCafe is a pit-stop on highways; it…

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Prét-a-Plate Festival at Lemon Leaf (Limited Edition)

The other evening I was invited to check out this new menu that Lemon Leaf, one of my most favourite (and decently priced) restaurants for Asian food. Unfortunately the Bandra outlet which was my usual haunt at one point of time does not exist anymore, but thank God for the one they opened in Andheri. …

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Bombay Brasserie | First Impression

I recently attended the launch of this all new haunt in Worli and usually don’t blog about launch parties, but this one was an exceptional evening. Say hello to Bombay Brasserie. A place where the booze (some kickass concoctions, I say!)  is served in pauwas and some great food that makes you feel good about …

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Sunday Brunch at Mineority by Saby – Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Hello Potpourriers! I know it’s been ages since I churned out a blog post, but life has been keeping me busy on the job front. Apologies to those who have been waiting for this particular post… The one about our positively lovely Sunday brunch at Mineority by Saby in the heart of Kalyani Nagar, Pune. …

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A Day Trip To Udvada | #TGLPinUdvada

Hello everyone! Hope the long weekend was spent exactly the way you imagined it. I'm usually a planner who likes to schedule my day's happenings well in advance but since I actually had an agenda-less Friday (also being Good Friday), I joined my cousin and a couple of friends on a road trip to Udvada. Now for …

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Norwegian Salmon Festival At Trident BKC (Limited Edition)

This blog post should have gone up sooner, but I made sure everyone who follows The Good Life Potpourri is aware of my recent visit to Trident, BKC and the unfiltered love I shared on all my social media platforms, about their ongoing Norwegian Salmon Festival which is in association with the Royal Norwegian Consulate General and …

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Swey – Worli’s Newest Rooftop Lounge & Bar

It was an evening I was looking forward to… After all, it’s been a while since I got back into the blogging sphere. Having gone through a tough phase on an emotional front, I needed this distraction more than ever. An evening to ‘SWEY’ with good vibes only… and that is exactly what I got …

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#FBAISoiree | Brunch At Farzi Café

The other day, I was invited to try out the new menu additions at the much talked about Farzi Café. Known for their fusion take on food from around the world, their style of presentation can be quite eye-catching too. The place exudes some great vibes as we all gathered for brunch on this fine …

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Exploring The New Menu Additions At Lima, BKC

Hi guys! It’s been a while since I wrote a post on a food/menu based experience. But since I’ve been keeping a low key for a while now, I wanted to get back, but this time with something different... Last week, I visited Lima – the city’s only stand alone Latin American Lounge & Bar. This …

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